injecting some good (food) into my life

I am not someone who can get motivated by seeing an image of a slim, toned, healthy, glowing woman prancing around in a bikini, it wont make me want to go the gym, eat a salad and drink 3 liters of water, it will make me want to grab a spoon and delve into a large tub of Ben and Jerry`s. Not that I'm bitter or anything.... I've also never had much interest in listening to people droning on about nutrition and diet, my immediate response being  "Oh my god shut up and pass me a doughnut". 
Life is far too short and the Tesco dessert isle far too large.
However I have gradually found myself leaning towards healthier foods since I found out I'm anemic, meaning I have low iron levels (great excuse for lie ins it has to be said) despite taking supplements I just constantly look kinda half asleep, except with my eyes open, nice imagery for you there. This is not a diet plan or a way of losing weight by any means its just an easy way of improving my health and putting a bit more balance into my eating habits .Obviously we all know fruit and veg is the way to go and we should eat at least 5 portions a day, standard. For me that's not actually very realistic, stupid work hours and sheer laziness means a ready meal from sainsburys Italian range is as exciting as it gets most of the time, although that's quite an exciting dinner if you ask me. 
I've recently discovered the world of quinoa, flax seeds, kale and spelt, strange and almost scary sounding things that quite frankly you'd expect to find in your garden. I've spent endless amounts of time in Tesco searching the isles discovering these foods that I had no idea even existed. I promise you my life is as exciting as that!
As I spent most of my time constantly battling being exhausted and trying to stay awake it came clear to me that weetabix just wasn't cutting it anymore! I still eat crap, a lot of crap, but I balance it out with what I know my body needs and in return I get to feel half human again.

- I'm not a breakfast fan, never have been and I don't think I ever will be, but It is as they say the most important meal of the day so I figured I should give it some attention. As boring as it sounds I usually stick to porridge with some fruit thrown in, its quick and easy and requires no fuss.
- Naked smoothies, these little beauties taste just like innocent smoothies yet they are packed with goodness without all the added sugar, they are quite pricey at £2.50 each but one bottle contains something like 74 blueberries alone alone with loads of other fruit, I usually buy one of these each time I'm at work so I have something to keep me going.  The green one may look like swamp mud but it is actually my favorite.
- Quinoa, sounds strange, looks strange to be fair but is a great substitute for pasta which I eat way too much of, I usually mix it with tinned tomatoes and loads of vegetables for a really easy lunch, it'll keep in the fridge too so if I have any left over I can eat it the next day.
-Water is a must, its so boring and it pains me to say it but unfortunately its true. I aim to drink 2 liters a day, very rarely happens though, I find drinking in 250ml bottles through a straw is the best way to get through it. Yes, I drink like a child. 
-Green tea, I swapped my usual morning tea complete with 2 sugars for a mug of jasmine green tea, I detest the taste of normal green tea so after searching the green tea isle I've found my substitute, there really are loads to choose from.
-Cod liver Oil supplements, small capsules, easy to take, its a doddle to be honest.
-Vegetable packs, as much as I love fresh vegetables I can never eat them in the time your supposed to and when I eventually do get round to chopping them they've gone all shriveled and brown, not a good look. Instead I use frozen bags of veg, turns out much cheaper, last much longer and take about 2 mins in the microwave. I mix these little steam bags in with my lunches and then I know I've had at least some proportion of my 5 a day.

Any healthy eating tips and tricks?


  1. I have learned to love green tea, I prefer the fruity flavours like mango and lychee/pomegranate though, can't stand plain either! I have also tried Quinoa, it's nice and super healthy with Mediterranean veg mixes which you can buy frozen xx


    1. I cant believe how many flavors there are haha, loads to choose from!
      Sophie xx

  2. i've been trying to do this as well, i drink a lot of tea and i like to make my own fruit smoothies :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  3. green tea is my favourite. Really good for energy. Love this post! x

    Jackson | Jacksons Cup Of Tea

    1. I've actually just made myself a nice mug of it now, fast becoming a favorite of mine too, thankyou! xx