taking on the morning

Upon waking up the first thing I do is check my phone, if its before 10 then that's only as far as I get before im back face first in the pillow trying to nod off again, why? Because nothing good ever happens before 10. If its after 10 then I`ll usually check my phone for messages, quite often non existent to be fair, if I've decided no one is in desperate need of my attention then I`ll get up. Basically I am not one of those `get up and go` morning people, the people we all aspire to be, the people who make me feel like a failure. I don't really abide by all this new year, new me stuff but I have recently been through a breakup and since coming through the other side I've decided to make some changes and give myself a reason to really want to get out of bed in the morning, So as of now, or maybe tomorrow, I am a morning person.
My morning coffee would usually be served at around mid-day, followed by lunch because who even likes breakfast? Id then usually catch the last 20 minutes or so of This Morning by which point it should really be called `This afternoon`, just a thought. As I work part time and mostly evenings my days really lack any kind of structure, by getting myself up earlier and setting a few goals for my day, no matter how big or small I'm hoping to improve all round.  
So in order to change my ways I have set in place some rules and some small guidelines for myself to become a fully motivated morning enthusiast.

1) Set an alarm, the dreaded sound that you never want to hear, but a fail safe way of waking up at your desired time, by getting up at the same time each day I'm hoping I can gain some structure and quite a few more hours in my day to make good stuff happen. 

2) Make a plan for the day, its no good forcing yourself to get up only to be slumped in front of the Tv for the whole day, I mean once in a while is of course a must, everyone needs a sofa day but everyday is maybe a tad excessive. Having direction for the day is a sure way of feeling motivated and empowered. 

3) Swap coffee for green tea, I've scrutinized Sainsburys tea isle and trust me there's a whole world of green tea im yet to discover. I don't mean abolish coffee because I wouldn't quite be able to cope but green tea is supposed to be really good for you so why not jump on that bandwagon. 

4) Take time to write, the whole point of me starting this blog is because I love writing, giving myself a set time in the morning to sit down with a pen and a brand spanking new notepad to just write should get my creativity flowing for the rest of the day. 

5) Switch off from my phone, not switch off my phone cause that's too much for anyone to handle but learning to just put my phone down and focus on other things in the day is the best way of stopping me from procrastinating, Instagram can wait till later. This way rather than swapping between social media and writing a blog post I can focus on just one task.

Heres to hoping it lasts.


  1. I could definitely take a few tips from this, especially number 5! I even annoy myself with how much I'm on my phone so I don't even want to know how much it annoys other people

    Katie xx


    1. Haha phones are so addictive though, I blame all the apps!
      Sophie xx