shake it like a polaroid picture

Check me out being all Pintresty, not that that's a word. 
I am in love with Polaroids, they just look so bloomin cool, I love having images I can look back over in the palm of my hand rather than having to resort to looking through my phone or my laptop. I ordered my Polaroids from square-snaps.com and they were about £10 for 24 photos, the quality is amazing and they look so cool. I'm almost scared to touch them in fear of damaging them. As I lack any kind of vision when it comes to diy I'm currently searching through pintrest looking for creative ways of displaying my Polaroids, people of the internet are so inspiring, it puts me to shame. So far I'm thinking twinkly fairy lights, wooden pegs and some string so I can have them hanging across my bedroom wall. Hmm, time to get creative I think.
Watch this space!

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