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Honestly, I hate the gym

I was updating my CV the other day and in my hobbies and interests section I have actually stated that I 'regularly work out`. Haha, what absolute bullshit.
I get about as much joy from a trip to the gym as I would a trip to the dump. Its hell in a confined, sweaty, over competitive, hot space full of people in tight pants.

If I were famous I'd get papped in my trackies walking out McDonald's clutching a chicken mayo burger with large fries. Probably end up in heats circle of shame. That was once a thing. Not the circle of shame, me walking out McDonald's in my gym gear. Just once I swear. 
Working out makes you hungry. Duh.
Thankfully I'm not famous, just honest and honestly, I hate the gym.

- Just getting there requires too much energy, if I'm too lazy to get a bus them really there's no chance of a workout is there.  

- No matter how hard I try I can't ever quite get the sports chic look right. Primark Gym leggings do give you camel toe, just saying.

- It doesn't make me feel good, it makes me feel terrible. Endorphin's, yeah I don't have them.

- I can never work the bloody machines, the cross trainer will be the death of me I swear. I've had to ask for help more times than I care to remember. Once to a rather dashing young man *mortifying*

- I have an immense fear of being thrown off the running machine backwards. They say the chances are slim, I say otherwise. All it takes a hot guy to walk past and I'm gone.

- And please, why cover the walls in mirrors, seeing myself working out is not motivational it's quite frankly hideous. Who looks good squatting. Not me. 

- Guys judge you. girls judge you.  I feel judged before I've even done anything. God knows what they think after seeing me prancing about for 20 minutes on the treadmill.

- Weights are a no go, too much testosterone for that one.

- Why am I the only person to ever work out sans makeup.

- "I'm paying money for this and I'm hating every second of it. what a bloody waste of my life"

- People watch you work out and it creeps me out. I admit I do this myself but at least I make it subtle. Umm do you mind.

- I never remember to drink water, running and unscrewing a bottle lid is quite tricky to be fair. Results in me being a dehydrated, sweaty mess. 

Pilates is the one for me. 
At least I can breathe. 
And I get a mat. 


The New Look Bag You Need In Your Life

How god damn cute is this bag, I just wanna scoop it up in my arms and never let go.
I found this this beauty in New Look for just £9.99 and it was so perfect I just had to take it home. 


New Specs

It's no secret amongst everyone I know that I hate my glasses, hate being nowhere near strong enough to actually describe how I feel towards them, even the optician said they had outgrown my face. I don't really think that's a thing so I'm guessing she just means they never suited my ridiculously large square face in the first place.

I hadn't been for a check up in 2 years so was very much due a new one and was secretly sitting with crossed fingers hoping that she would tell me I needed an updated pair, two years on I feel I have a slightly better idea of what looks good and what doesn't.

Well I was in luck, never have I been so grateful for the deteriorating vision in my left eye.

So I was then faced with the impossible task of choosing which pair I wanted, no word of a lie it took me over an hour. I wasn't looking to spend much at all, I even said I want to spend as little as possible so she took me straight to the own brand section which was actually filled with some really lovely frames. I settled on these £79 frames which are much bigger and more profound than my previous pair but I am in love. Ive not even looked at my contacts since receiving these and that really is saying something. 

FYI: I went to Vision Express after previously going to Specsavers and I much prefer the VE own brand range, also if you register online you can receive a half price eye test and 10% off your new glasses, so very worth doing.


Thought Provoking Things I've Read On The Internet This Week

Because the internet is full of wonderful things and I love it.

1) 'Shvrk is an App that lets your partner know when you're on your period'

Yes you did read that correctly, so a female graduate has come up with the extraordinary idea that a male needs an app to warn him when his partner is about to start their period.. for what reason, so he can run a mile and throw chocolate in her direction.. Honestly, why can't we use our mouths and actually speak to our partners.

2)  'Lives of the untouchable luxury kids'

I love Instagram as much as the next person, but a new account used solely to look down on those who aren't able to clean their shoe with a spare £50 note they have stuffed away under the sofa is really rather infuriating. The account is apparently a place for London's richest kids to post pictures of their Louboutins, fair enough, just don't look down upon us 'peasants' who actually get a thrill out of shopping at Primark.

3)  'Why Is Sexual Harassment Not Illegal In The UK?'

I'm ashamed to admit it's never really something I have given much thought to, it almost seems inevitable that at least one guy will stare at your bum as you walk past or tell you to 'cheer up love' but we all seem to just tut and accept it. This article was spot on, why do we put up with it, women elsewhere don't have to, seriously got me thinking.

4) 'My Relationship with Exercise'

Undoubtedly one of my fave bloggers, Hannah Gale just speaks so much sense I swear when I read her posts I just sit there nodding in agreement whilst laughing out loud at just how similar us girls really are, we may all have boobs and like eating chocolate but it goes way deeper than that and her insight into how she feels about exercise really hit and nerve with me and it just may do with you too.


CGD Writer + Awards

Its that time again where I get super excited I just have to write a post about something but then get all lost for words because I'm just too excited to make any sense, does that make sense?

Anyway I'm going to try and string a few sentences together just so you get the general idea. 

I am now an official contributing writer for the online site Career Girl Daily, a site I have followed since the very beginning. Being a part of such a successful site for powerful and career driven women is so exciting for me, I sent off an email and a cover letter not really expecting to hear back, little did I know it actually payed off.  As someone who one day hopes to be working in journalism I spend most of my spare time searching non stop for opportunities and chances to get my work out there on the big old internet, its somewhat terrifying knowing that people are actually reading your work but its equally just as exciting. I am thrilled to be a part of the team and very much look forward to working alongside the amazing people who help to create the site. 

Career Girl Daily have recently been nominated for the Blog Lovin Awards for Best Life Improvement Blog, it would of course be greatly appreciated if you could cast your vote and spread the word!

Vote here!

If your not familiar with the site then be sure to check it out here! 


#TweetYourPeriod - The Stigma

Periods are just something we have to endure, its not fun and it sure as hell isn't pretty but it happens.
The stigma that comes attached to having your period is a bit of weird one in my opinion, half of the worlds population have them yet we don't talk about them. Even back at secondary school I would be hugely embarrassed to ask my friends for a sanitary towel if I were ever caught off guard, we would refer to it as "my monthly" thinking people wouldn't suss that one out.

Then there's the dreaded sex education lesson in which you simply get told you absolutely don't want to be having a child at the age of 16 so you should absolutely use contraception. "Oh and you will bleed once a month but it's perfectly normal" so yeah that was my insight into periods, how very informative. Love how they completely failed to mention the hormonal rages, absolute need for chocolate and stodge and the disgusting under the skin breakouts we have to endure.

As I grew older and got quite used to this monthly occurrence I started to get incredibly heavy and really rather unpleasant periods often more than once a month. Clearly that's not exactly normal so I took myself to the doctors, something I've always found relatively easy as I've always had rather embarrassing medical issues from a young age. Quite frankly my doctor has seen it all so really there's no more embarrassment to be had. I think the issue now for young girls and even adults is that periods are just accepted as something we have to put up with, but what about the mood swings, the cravings and the cramps, no one (not even your biology teacher) can prepare you for that. It's not talked about enough and it's not addressed. 

I personally want to slap anyone in the face who says periods are not important and shouldn't be talked about. I have suffered most of my teenage life with awful periods and have had to use several different contraception methods to ease the pain and the discomfort, most of which caused severe side affects including depression, something which should never go un noticed. Its all well and good saying that women need to shut up and just get over it but I believe we should have a voice and we should be able to freely talk about what's happening to our bodies, if I want to moan and cry and roll around with a hot water bottle scoffing chocolate brownie ice cream I sure as hell will.
Maybe even a little sympathy wouldn't go un noticed.
(I'm talking to all those boyfriends out there BTW)

After reading this buzzfeed article which prompted me to write this post I was left pretty shocked and a little bit disgusted at some of the comments, a few from fellow women but the majority from men whose general message was to "shut up and get on with it".  One even said we should just deal with it if we want to be taken seriously, what the hell has that got to do with anything? I was also quite upset by this particular comment from one women who clearly has no idea about the shame women feel in third world countries and the everyday issues they have to face. In a country where pads and tampons are readily available and we have doctors on hand to offer as much medical advice as we could possibly need then yes it is manageable but that's not always the case for everyone. People need to open their eyes a little and realise that not everyone has the same experiences during their time of the month, I for one absolutely love the idea of getting people talking about it and raising awareness.

In all fairness I perhaps won't be tweeting about my period, I don't really tweet much as it is and I don't feel the need to share my menstrual cycle with my followers (friends breathe a sigh of relief) but if you do then by all means you go for it! The point of the hashtag is to stop with the taboo around the subject, the squeamishness and the disgusted faces. Its the chance to stop people shying away from the fact women have to endure this unpleasant monthly occurrence, we didn't ask for this, it simply comes with being a girl. Why shouldn't we be able to express our thoughts and feelings for the world to see, its natural and it happens, lets not shy away from that.
If your feeling crappy and #hormonal then go and take a peek at some of the absolute hilarious and somewhat comforting tweets with the hashtag #tweetyourperiod, worked a treat for me and its so nice to know your not alone.

I would love to know your opinions on this.