New Specs

It's no secret amongst everyone I know that I hate my glasses, hate being nowhere near strong enough to actually describe how I feel towards them, even the optician said they had outgrown my face. I don't really think that's a thing so I'm guessing she just means they never suited my ridiculously large square face in the first place.

I hadn't been for a check up in 2 years so was very much due a new one and was secretly sitting with crossed fingers hoping that she would tell me I needed an updated pair, two years on I feel I have a slightly better idea of what looks good and what doesn't.

Well I was in luck, never have I been so grateful for the deteriorating vision in my left eye.

So I was then faced with the impossible task of choosing which pair I wanted, no word of a lie it took me over an hour. I wasn't looking to spend much at all, I even said I want to spend as little as possible so she took me straight to the own brand section which was actually filled with some really lovely frames. I settled on these £79 frames which are much bigger and more profound than my previous pair but I am in love. Ive not even looked at my contacts since receiving these and that really is saying something. 

FYI: I went to Vision Express after previously going to Specsavers and I much prefer the VE own brand range, also if you register online you can receive a half price eye test and 10% off your new glasses, so very worth doing.

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