Thought Provoking Things I've Read On The Internet This Week

Because the internet is full of wonderful things and I love it.

1) 'Shvrk is an App that lets your partner know when you're on your period'

Yes you did read that correctly, so a female graduate has come up with the extraordinary idea that a male needs an app to warn him when his partner is about to start their period.. for what reason, so he can run a mile and throw chocolate in her direction.. Honestly, why can't we use our mouths and actually speak to our partners.

2)  'Lives of the untouchable luxury kids'

I love Instagram as much as the next person, but a new account used solely to look down on those who aren't able to clean their shoe with a spare £50 note they have stuffed away under the sofa is really rather infuriating. The account is apparently a place for London's richest kids to post pictures of their Louboutins, fair enough, just don't look down upon us 'peasants' who actually get a thrill out of shopping at Primark.

3)  'Why Is Sexual Harassment Not Illegal In The UK?'

I'm ashamed to admit it's never really something I have given much thought to, it almost seems inevitable that at least one guy will stare at your bum as you walk past or tell you to 'cheer up love' but we all seem to just tut and accept it. This article was spot on, why do we put up with it, women elsewhere don't have to, seriously got me thinking.

4) 'My Relationship with Exercise'

Undoubtedly one of my fave bloggers, Hannah Gale just speaks so much sense I swear when I read her posts I just sit there nodding in agreement whilst laughing out loud at just how similar us girls really are, we may all have boobs and like eating chocolate but it goes way deeper than that and her insight into how she feels about exercise really hit and nerve with me and it just may do with you too.

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