Night out edit

Can't. stop. buying. things.
Well my plan to save went well (I say refusing to even open my bank statement) what's more important is that I have a few nights out planned and that totally requires brand spanking new outfits (obvs) because the 20 hundred items of clothing I already have in my wardrobe/scattered across my bedroom floor just won't cut it. Okay. 

This gorgeous lace midi strapless dress is an Asos exclusive costing a rather hefty £75... But at the moment Its currently reduced to just £22.50! I may or may have bought this last night... Keeping your Ipad next to your bed when you cant sleep is never a good idea, makes me buy things. I have no regrets though, how blooming beautiful is it!
Do I have an occasion in mind to wear it? Um no, do I need one? Um hell no.

I've been on the hunt for some slightly more friendly looking heels, my chunky block Primark ones have served me very well but I'm now in constant fear of them falling apart mid cha cha slide and that would be very embarrassing (even more embarrassing than admitting I do the cha cha slide). These sandal style heels don't look too high which is always a must with a thin heel for me because they absolutely terrify me (block heels all the way). They're only a tenner in the sale though so not bad even just to test the waters in.

Lets just take a moment to squeal over this adorable bag, It has eyes and a cute little face and I just want it. Would people take the pee out of me in a club? Most probably.

I also may or may not have purchased that gold headband last night.

I regret nothing.


  1. The crop top is gorgeous! I'm just too flat chested for it to work for me sadly haha. The headband is gorgeous too, definitely a good buy!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. Thank you! Yeah unfortunately I don't think it would look all that great on me either, can still dream though!
      Sophie xx