5 student friendly lunches


5 student friendly lunches

So Burger King have started delivering, not helpful Burger king.
As much as I`d love to binge on Chicken Royales all week I am restraining myself. Although prior to writing this I have just eaten 5 chocolate digestives so ya know. 
(just blame the hormones)

After turning to Google for inspiration on what to eat for lunch I literally got pages and pages of tofu salad and warm chicken katsu curry recipes, yum but whatever happened to a student budget and the cooking skills of a novice. I want something that'll take me no more than about 20 minutes to make and wont cost a bomb. Precious Netflix time cannot be wasted.

So instead I came up with some rather un-original ideas of my own.

Baked Sweet potato 
A healthier version of your standard jacket potato, basically. Plus its bright orange so that instantly makes it more exciting, obvs. I whack mine in the microwave for about 5 minutes but if I'm willing to be a  bit more patient, highly unlikely, then I`ll pop it in the oven for half hour. Ideal topping, grated cheese that just melts in the middle and some tomato pesto smothered on the inside. I also put mine on a bed of spinach cause it looks kinda fancy.
Quinoa and Veg   
Quinoa is the easiest thing to cook, takes about 20 mins simmering in a saucepan with a little water and a lid on. I didn't even know what it was a few weeks ago but everyone and their mother is eating this super food bad boy plus it tears me away from carbs. Once cooked it sort of fluffs up a bit, at this point I add in tonnes of veg. Literally anything I can find in the bottom of the fridge. I buy the frozen mixed veg microwavable bags, not quite as fancy as the fresh stuff but no chopping required means more time watching gossip girl. #Winning.

A Beef and Vegetable Stew 
One of my home comforts, there's something so good about chucking everything into a pot and just letting it do its thing. Also this is an absolute babe if your not feeling too good, I currently have a sore throat (whyyyyyy) and this is just a must for today's lunch. Obviously this is a tad more complex to make but really it just consists of beef stock, potatoes and all the veg you fancy. 

Avocado and scrambled egg on toast 
Well what a surprise, I eat this too.  Along with every other person on the internet. 
More of a breakfast but what the heck. My dad taught me how to make scrambled egg, apparently its all in the stiring. To make mine I crack two eggs into a measuring jug and add a few glugs of milk, that's not a recognised measuring unit but its just what I do. Give it a whisk with a fork then add to a saucepan with some butter on a low heat. I just stand and gently stir for about 5 minutes then its all done.
Tuna and Avocado salad
Is it just me or does this just look ridiculously healthy.
The only effort required here is mixing some tuna with mayo, some prawns with a Marie rose sauce then scooping out an avocado, kinda looks like I attacked mine with a fork. Not as indulgent as the others but I am a bit of a salad freak at heart so this picture is actually making me drool.

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25 happy things


25 happy things

1) Having an old school games marathon. Trap a Sim in a swimming pool, take away the ladder then cry afterwards and feel terrible when the grim reaper takes them away and the kids are crying. So much FUN.

2) Nailing the eyeliner flick, may have taken 15 minutes and shit loads of cotton buds to get the end result but that's beside the point.

3) Scrolling through old Memes on your camera roll and realising you have the humor of a 6 year old boy.

4) Tea in your favorite mug, and bourbons, ALL the bourbons.

5) Eating takeaway leftovers for breakfast, naan bread and cold korma. Dont mind if I do.

6) Those mid morning coffee dates with a friend. The whole of Strabucks now knows about the time your best mates ex accidentally sent her a nude on snapchat, she never could whisper.

7) Devouring a roast dinner made by mum, home comfort at it's best. Yorkshire pud`s drowned in gravy, cauliflower cheesy gooey goodness, Ohhhh YES.

8) Buying Foamburst shower gel and being totally ecstatically excited to take a shower because its just so foamy.

9) Being woken by the sun rather than grey skies and drizzly rain, also not slamming the snooze button and face planting the pillow. 

10) Finishing a book. How very satisfying.

11) checking your bank balance and realising you have more than you think. That Boots spree, completely in order and totally justified.
Or just avoid atm's and deny everything.

12) Rocking a no makeup day, terrifying yet liberating. Even if you only get as far as taking the rubbish out, still counts.

13)  Nick Grimshaw on't Radio. I want him to be my best friend. Like really badly. 

14) Them 1am phone calls with your best friend, talking about politics one minute then laughing hysterically the next. You know the ones.  

15) Fresh pretty flowers, like spring in a vase minus the bees and wasps. Who needs guys to buy us flowers, go to Sainsburys and get them yourself, you'll look domesticated. 

16) 100% phone battery, okay so it might only last for like 1 minute (sort your shit Apple) but still feels good right

17) A huge bowl of Pasta with a massive heap of melted grated cheese. All the carbs. 

18) Netflix, Duvet, Slippers, Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and those cute little marshmallow squares (cause you actually remembered to buy them for once)  

19) Lying in a room that is lit only by scented candles and fairy lights.Very Zen.

20) Scrolling through Asos knowing that its completely okay to buy something cause Free delivery

21) Realising you have just enough money on your Oyster card to get the bus without being given a warning ticket.

22) Scented hand wash, okay so now my hands smell of Cola bottles.

23) Having just enough change for the car park, the shopping trolley and a morning coffee.
60p card transaction fee, HA not today.

24) Having hot towels fresh from the wash ready to greet your cold shivering body after stepping out the shower cause you forgot to turn the heating on, again.

25) Managing to grab the last seat on the underground in rush hour. Even if it is wedged between a large sweaty bloke and a woman in an oversized floppy hat.

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I just want a Career.


I just want a Career.

Just casually clinging onto my teenage years over here.

I'm 20 this year *heart palpitations*. Firstly how did that even happen.
Well I mean I know how I'm just a little gobsmacked.

When I left college I felt lost because for once I had nothing even remotely productive to do. I missed waking up at seven in the morning and having somewhere to be. I missed the struggle of having to finish an essay at one in the morning the night before it was due in. I actually missed being a student in education because back then if anyone asked me where my life was going I could at least pretend to have it all figured out. The only real stress I had to deal with was if the guy in my English class fancied me and if I had enough money to afford a McDonald's lunch.
Like I said. Stress.

Fast forward a few months and I'm stressed beyond belief, confused and completely clueless.

If this is adulthood then I don't want it.
I want it to still be acceptable to play Sims for a straight 7 hours and not be questioned about it. I want it to still be acceptable to be far more interested in who the heck A is than how professional my CV looks.
(Seriously though how many more seasons.)

Not having a clue what I'm doing makes me feel physically ill, my heart beats 10 times faster at the mere thought of having no career, no prospects and no clue as to what it is I actually spend my days doing. Its currently 12:15 and so far I've caught up on Towie and attempted to apply to an internship that quite clearly wont even give me the time of day.

*sobs into already soggy cornflakes*

Deciding not to go to Uni was a pretty easy decision. Far easier it seemed than for those who had decided to go. I had no idea what I wanted to be so choosing a subject was a massive headache plus being in debt is something I am keen to avoid in my life and going to uni seems like a surefire way of diving head first into that one.
Also, 4 more years of essays, I`d rather not.
It's not a cop out though. Not going to uni doesn't mean your taking the easy option, it means your taking a risk, a bloody great big one. The truth is once you leave college your basically on your own. If you don't have any immediate plans then it's up to you to make some. A part time job was on my immediate list of things to do, I got one eventually and that's where I'm at right now. working part time in a theater.
Do I love it? Hell no. If I have to deal with one more stuck up and quite frankly RUDE human being who clearly thinks they are so much better than me just because they are on the opposite side of the counter, I will chuck a sandwich over their head.
Dont ever work in retail. SAVE YOURSELVES.
Sure it pays for my Starbucks Frappes and Quinoa lunches but apart from that its just something to do besides being stuck at home.

Most people my age are worrying about which freshers parties they should attend.  Meanwhile I'm spending most of my mornings scrutinizing my CV whilst refreshing Indeed every 20 minutes in hope of finding a new apprenticeship vacancy, one that doesn't require a bloody degree. Oh and then there's the endless amounts of cover letters.
Dear sir/madame, pleaseeeee just give me a chance.
Its so relentless, you need experience to get experience yet no one wants to give you any experience.
Got that?

You've only got to look at Reed to see how many people are applying for interns and apprenticeships, how off putting is that by the way! Is it just me that hates seeing how many people I'm potentially in competition with. At least let me pretend I have some kind of a chance.

I mean there must be something out their for everyone. Having a passion and a goal is always helpful. I've finally figured out where I want to end up in life. Right now, an apartment in New York would suit me to be honest. Working in a theater is as I always say "just for the time being". We all deserve to feel like we`re doing something we can be proud of, we all deserve to achieve as much or as little as we want to achieve. It may be someones goal to work in a theater and that's great, its just not mine. 

So with that in mind I guess its back to my endless amounts of cover letters, web searching and pleading.
Oh and just generally feeling really lost in life. Please tell me I'm not the only one.
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Periods are a bitch


Periods are a bitch

When your period hits it's like your immediately thrown back into year one where your taught to learn how to recognise different emotions and feelings. I literally wake up and have to think for a few seconds "am I a raging hormonal mess today?". Usually the answer is followed by head thumping the pillow and groaning at the mere thought of having to actually get up, seriously what is life when you cant even stay in bed all day. Why else do I own like 50 pairs of pyjamas.
That morning is usually spent crying into a pillow, binge eating bourbons whilst feeling guilty about eating the bloody bourbons. Oh and if a bourbon so happens as to fall into my tea. 
Well, you don't even wanna know the kind of shit that would go down. 

What a mess.

My ex once said "So when you say your hormonal does that mean your horny" I replied by aggressively shouting "NOO it means I'm ANGRY" Ha well that taught him. Looking back it makes me laugh, boys haven't got a bloody clue have they, blissfully unaware of the complete mind fuck that is the menstrual cycle. 

First there's the food cravings,  I crave everything when I'm on my period, also approximately one week before and one week after. Basically I crave food for 3 weeks out of the 4 every month. That's a lot of my time spent wanting to eat. Mostly carbs, platefuls of pasta, pancakes covered in Nutella, greasy fat chips, chicken royales, all the good stuff. 
If my body wants pancakes at 10pm then that's what it's getting. You just try and get in my way cause I swear to god I am not in the mood. 

I tried to go on the pill to make it all that little bit better. Big mistake. Obvs. Whose stupid idea would it be to pump more hormones into an already overwhelmed cranky hormone intoxicated body, Ohhh, mine.
Whatever you do stay away from Microgynon, it is the devil. 
Did nothing for me but make me feel like an anxious, pathetic, weeping mess. Never again.
The Pill is not a quick fix to get rid of your periods and it shouldn't be treated like one, I was so flippant about it I didn't even really consider it. Having been on it for a year I finally realised I was better off without the damn thing. Oh and wanting bigger boobs is not a valid reason either. If only it were that easy.

You'd think after about 6 years of dealing with this I'd have some clue about how to handle it, turns out I don't. I am not the woman you see on the Tampax advert going bike riding or taking part in the local Pilates class, I'm that little green monster on the Coughonian advert that just seriously gets on everyone's nerves. Whoever said that exercise helps with cramps clearly doesn't get cramps. You try jogging when your womb fills like its gonna fall to the floor. Then the hormonal breakouts, no amount of expensive foaming cleansers will fix this. Spend the money on something nice, it'll make you feel a bit more human.

I do have my ways though. The things I've picked up from my mistakes over the years, like the time I wore a pale denim dress and no tights to college. Then there's time I only packed one extra sanitary towel with me for a 2 hour train journey. Oh and the time I vowed to be healthy a week before it was due. You know those stupid school girl errors that every girl makes at least once in their lifetime.
We learn from them. Eventually. 

- Hot water bottles, I salute them. Godsends, all of them. Who knew hot water in a bottle would be so bloody genius. 
- Understand that the advert pleading with you to adopt a donkey will be more than you can handle (true story) you are not emotionally stable enough and that's okay. It's nice to care about donkeys. 
- A galaxy chocolate share bar is an acceptable purchase, cause let's be honest a small bar is not nearly enough nor does it satisfy as it should. It will make you feel better, it always does. 
- Dark jeans, trousers and skirts are your friend right now and please whatever you do for god sakes don't wear white jeans.
- Take extra tampons or sanitary towels with you wherever you go. You never know what could happen. I mean God forbid you could sneeze!
- Take a moment to appreciate the fact your a) young and healthy enough to even have a period and b) be thankful your not pregnant. See, you feel better already.
- Period syncing with your best friend is a thing, and its like amazing, yet super weird. 
- And finally give yourself a reality check, this is life, this is normal and you will be fine. 

Yeah so basically this whole being a girl thing, I don't think I'm very good at it. 
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The Asos Outlet Wishlist


The Asos Outlet Wishlist

Ohh the much treasured Asos sale section (outlet to be precise).
Its like the Topshop sale rail but without the bitchiness, the struggle and the death stares. Instead you can just glare through the screen and take deep breaths for 10 seconds as it tells you someone took the last one. I have done this on many an occasion.

The outlet is actually the only place I go when on the Asos site, unlike most sale sections its not full of crap that no one wants, its actually full of the most beautiful pieces. Pretty much all of my birthday dresses and night out outfits come from me searching the hundreds of pages of discounted pieces, so affordable and so much goodness to choose from.

Seeing as I had a day off and pay day is fast approaching I thought Id spend my morning filling my virtual basket with all things beautiful.
So productive.
Its a bit all over the place this wish list. I want to indulge in the upcoming summer months with the beautiful maxi shirt dress and floral head scarf (did I mention I love Blair Waldorf) but I also cant help but hold on to winter, my most adored season, hence the grey zip coat. One thing I do know is I must get my hands on that watch asap. Rose gold and Black. Yes Please.

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The online book club


The online book club

I think the last book I read cover to cover was To Kill a Mockingbird, not through choice, just because it was required for me to at least attempt to pass my English A level. Studying English took all the joy out of reading, it felt so forced to have to jot down notes, scrutinize every word rather than just enjoy what was written on the page.
Before that reading meant being tucked into bed eyes transfixed on the latest Jacqueline Wilson novel. Its like I forgot how enjoyable it really is, it takes you to a different place, almost allows you to be in someone else`s head for a while and I love it.

I want to reclaim my love for reading, my house is full of books, everywhere, I mean they are literally everywhere so it wont be hard to get started. I'm not really a fussy reader and I don't have a particular genre that I must stick to although I should admit I am the sort of person who does judge a book by its cover.

My previous read:
My mum recommended I get started on `The Farm` a thriller by Tom Rob Smith. I read it in about 4 days and I just couldn't put it down, I'm not so sure I was completely satisfied with the ending but It was an easy read, not the sort of thriller that requires your utmost concentration or you'll have no clue as to whats going on.

My current read:
I'm now onto The Radleys, a book written by Matt Haig, one of my mums favorites, she claims to have read it in a day. I won't even try to compete with that but so far I'm about 12 pages in and I am already very intrigued. 

What are you reading at the moment? I'd love some to add to my list. 
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The Versatile Bloggers Award


The Versatile Bloggers Award

Firstly thank you to Sophie for the nomination.
I love posts like this as I feel it really brings newish bloggers together.

Heres how it works.
Write 7 facts about yourself and Nominate 15 fellow bloggers. Simples.

7 facts about me.
1) My dog Alfie is a Jack Russel and Cairn Terrier cross and I absolutely adore him.
2) I'm currently learning to drive, I've had 4 lessons and I'm loving it. So far!
3) I am from Essex and no we don't all look like we should be on Towie. Love that show though.
4) I work as a Front of House assistant at my local theater.
5) I hope one day to work in Marketing
6) I am obsessed with Home and Away and Neighbours. I just love all things Australia tbh.
7) I currently have a huge girl crush on Blair Waldorf. Cant I just be her? Pleaseeee.

I feel like the most un-exciting person haha,
I`ll try and work on that.

And in true Ant and Dec style, My nominations are...

- Beth
- Megan 
- Maddison
- Victoria 
- Beth
- Sophie 
- Sarah
- Zoe
- Beth

I only chose 10 because I struggled to find people who hadn't already done this so sorry about that. The actual amount of nominations you are supposed to make is 15.
Link me your posts if you do write them!
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25 annoying little things


25 annoying little things

I would consider myself quite a chilled out person but I have to say this was by far the quickest post I've ever written. You know them annoying little things that just bug you probably far more than they should.
Heres mine.

1) When you run for a bus and your bag is either swinging off your shoulder as you clutch to it for dear life or it's swung round your wrist 50 times and cut off all circulation.

2) People eating crisps in public. The crunch, the rustling, I just cannot deal.

3) Having to pay to pee at a London train station. No words.

4) Knowing your scolding hot latte is going to be way too hot to drink but doing it anyway and ending up with a singed tongue so you can't actually taste the rest. Good one.

5) Being the last on the bus even though you were first at the stop.

6) Being made to feel like a criminal as you leave the supermarket. Can someone please tell the security guard I have not stolen anything. I am a good person!

7) Getting on a carriage with a whinging child and realising you've left your earphones at home.

8) Dealing with anything less than 20% phone charge. It's flashing at me, now I'm stressed.

9) Reading 10 pages of your book before realising you wasn't actually concentrating and you've literally no idea what you just read.

10) When the little elastic hairband that's holding together your fishtail plait masterpiece snaps and you don't have a replacement. Why did I bother.

11) In the midst of being a hormonal mess you realise there's no chocolate in the house. Zilch.

12) Getting to Greggs a little too late and seeing someone else took the last chocolate sprinkled doughnut. How very dare you!

13) Forgetting your password to something and  having to go through what seems like hell and back just to set a new one. My memorable word? Um I did this 3 years ago. I don't remember.

14) When you press shuffle and yet you get like 3 songs in a row all by the same person.

15) Finding your perfect spot at a concert and having the tallest human known to man come and stand directly in front of you at the last second.

16) Never knowing what happens to all those hair clips, used once, gone forever. Where do they go?

17) Mid season breaks. Just why?

18) Rain. Puddles, Umbrellas, Frizzy lioness inspired hair. Raindrops on glasses.
Just rain.

19) Walking past the police and automatically looking as guilty as hell. I swear I haven't actually done anything.

20) Reaching the end of a tube and having to squeeze for dear life just to get the teeniest bit. I'm thinking toothpaste. Shampoo. Mayonnaise. You name it.

21) Not being able to find even one pair of decent hole-less tights. Seriously, not even one?

22) Competition ads, No, I don't believe I can win £20,000 in cash and a Convertible.
Nor do I want to try.

23) Leaving your phone on silent and accidentally missing 5 calls, 2 texts and One voice mail.
My bad. I wanted to be quiet, not unreachable.

24) Them people who will not move up a seat on the bus. Am I supposed to just climb over you. Cause I will.

25) Bank statements. But I don't want to know. Honestly its better that way! 
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Finally got my nose pierced


Finally got my nose pierced

I finally did it. Only took me about 2 years.
don't do pain, I don't care what the gain is, I am a massive wimp.
Truth is, it hurt a lot more than I was prepared for, enough to make my eyes water for a solid 5 minutes. That alone was enougth to send my best friend into a hysterical fit, she actually wanted to film the whole ordeal. I declined that offer.
But I love it and I'm so glad I finally got it done. 

It cost me £30 which is a lot in my eyes but I went to a very trusted and well respected piercing and tatoo salon so I figured that's quite a small price to pay to ensure my nose is kept in one piece and hopefully doesn't get some hideous infection. 

My plan is to eventually change the stud to a rose gold one, that makes me giddy with excitement! Rose gold permanently on my face? Yes please. 

Now I just have to let it heal, keep it clean, salt water and cotton buds a plenty. I'd say if your thinking about it then just do it.
It hurts but its worth it.
No pain, no gain right (ahem)
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