10 commandments for a top notch lazy day

1) Shit loads of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, any hot beverage you can get your hands on, metaphorically speaking of course, don't wanna scold yourself. My personal fave, Yorkshire tea with two sugars.

2) endless access to Wifi, you need to be able to scroll through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin' and Pinterest at any given moment. You will need to refresh these feeds at least every 15 seconds because something super exciting may have actually happened whilst you looked away and had a sip of coffee.

3) a really cosy outfit is an absolute must, a onsie would be ideal but then there's the whole struggle of having to strip to your bra just to pee, highly inconvenient. I want easy access so I'm thinking joggers and a cosy jumper, at least then if the postman knocks I'll look decent enough that I can look him in the eye.

4) always be stocked up on food, perhaps you've skipped breakfast, I know I have. Ahem so moving swiftly on to lunch. Carbs a plenty.

5) because we are all so media savvy, its not enough that I'm watching TV, I also need my laptop in front of me and my phone at my side, preferably charging. I can multitask like a pro.

6) so whats on the TV? Hmm probably Netflix. Nope, Its definitely Netflix.

7) obvs we need snacks, I usually haven't planned this far ahead so it'll be anything I can find that I know my mum wont moan at me about eating, and no this doesn't include fruit.

*sidenote: it'll get to about 3pm and I will seriously start to wonder if I've even washed my face. Don`t judge.

8) I'll also usually try to do something productive because I'll start to feel lazy and useless, maybe search for some apprenticeships or something. This will result in me slamming down the laptop screen and comfortably returning to my gossip girl binge marathon. I tried.

9) I'll always crack out a recipie book because I kinda wanna be Mary Berry. My last attempt, egg-less pancakes, this wasn't by choice we just ran out of eggs. Really really bad idea, totally flopped, along with the pancakes.

10) absolutely no human contact, anyone messages, I'll get back to them. I'm busy being lazy guys.


  1. haha great post! This is exactly what I do on a lazy day.. I've had one today, but I always feel guilty if I do absolutely nothing so I got up and did a 6 mile run, and haven't moved from the sofa since! TV, laptop and phone are all here ;) xx


    1. Ohh wow that's amazing, I should probably take a leaf out of your book and head on down to the gym sometime soon! Haha x