single and I'm not gonna cry about it

So I have a new favorite word. 
This emoji literally says it all.

And for added sassyness, this girl knows.

With it being V day in less than 24 hours (single girls unite as we belt out some Beyoncé) now`s the time to love yourself and accept that a guy doesn't define you. It's hard to feel prestige when your on your lonesome and just about everyone on the planet seems to have romantic plans on the most romantic day of the year.. Eurgh there may be absolutely nothing romantic about a gossip girl binge session and a Tesco's finest ready meal for one but I've decided that this year I'm not letting my singleness get me down.
So this word prestige, not even really sure what it means but it's my new go to word. Feeling prestige to me means knowing your worth, knowing that you are a hot, intelligent, witty young woman with the world at your feet, and well a guy would simply, get in the way. 
Reasons I'm feeling particularly prestige today (and they don't involve a man)  

- I got up at 8am without the use of an alarm, I literally sprung out of bed, this is just unheard of. 
- I just ordered two tickets to this years Wireless festival as a surprise birthday present for one of my best friends, sure I'm now relatively penniless for a while but I know it'll be worth it
- I made pancakes for breakfast this morning, pancake day next week, huh it's pancake day everyday in my eyes. Smothered them in Nutella. The only way to do it tbh. 
- I just booked my very first driving lesson, absolutely shitting it but seize the day and all. 
- Alongside writing this (too many tabs) I'm currently searching for a hot new outfit for next weeks Friday night out, it's a birthday thing so therefore a new outfit is very much justified.

Whats making you feel pretty damn good about yourself today?

So instead of being all down in the dumps about being single this V day instead be safe in the knowledge that just because you don't have a guy in your life it doesn't mean you aren't as sassy as that emoji girl, as hot as Angelina Jolie, as cool as Suki Waterhouse or as powerful as Anna Wintour.
Because even if you are sitting at home in your PJ`s eating Kelloggs cornflakes for lunch,
Your still killing it! 

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