Netflix: a tv lovers dream

It's lunchtime on a Wednesday, well it would be had I not have already eaten at around 11 (got greedy). The TV is crap, as per, what is it about daytime TV that these people don't understand. I hate antiques, I hate house renovations (when it's not my own) and I'm sorry mum but I actually secretly also kinda hate loose women. This is where I have to cave, I can't go on when I know greater things lie just a click of a button away. I'm talking about Netflix of course.
I figured it needed a somewhat dramatic introduction. 
Netflix is like a TV addicts equivalent to the Makeup addicts Naked Palette, the holy grail, only a true TV master can commit to paying a monthly fee for hours and hours worth of screen time, either that or your just a really lazy professional procrastinator. I don't know if saying I've watched most of the series on Netflix is something I should be proud of or something I shouldn't be so keen to admit. I'm not even a tele-aholic, I only really care for home and away and neighbours (obvs). I just love a good American drama, in which case Netflix is a place of dreams. Netflix is also a curse, once you start watching something, and believe me you will find something, hours will pass without you even knowing, it's like Sims all over again, only slightly more graphic in places.

- I'm already well and truly into PLL, I'm even using the abbreviation cause I'm that clued up. I've been watching it since it started and I've gotta say I don't even really know what's going on anymore but I've come this far and I will be dammed if I don't find out who A is, it literally has caused me sleepless nights trying to figure it out.
- I'm also hooked on the vampire diaries, who doesn't love blood curdling screams and vampire teeth. I know I do.
- I've been tempted by orange is the new black, mostly because my last name is Black and I have orange hair so it'd almost be rude not to (This is why I could never be a TV critic). It has been recommend by everyone and their dog so it can't do any harm to check it out. I'm only reluctant because I know full well I'll get hooked then won't be able to do a thing with my life.
- I'm also making it a goal of mine, because I aim high, to watch gossip girl, I don't know how I haven't already seen it. On paper its like my dream TV show, hot guys, drama, romance, probably get a brand new girl crush obsession over someone, sounds fab!
- I'm also currently getting my teeth stuck into the originals (gettit!) a spin off of the vampire diaries, it's quite dark in comparison to the TVD but that's all good with me.
- And finally I am loving Dance Moms, the concept sounds painful, pushy over protective mums or moms, whatever you prefer, and their precious dancing stage school perfect children. Its ridiculously addictive and I promise you you will get emotionally attached to some of these kids, watching them try to make in the world of dance with a quite frankly terrifying teacher. I know I know, sounds crap, but trust me on this one.

I really love finding new series to get stuck into but I usually go by recommendations and word of mouth before I commit to anything. There's way too many shows on this thing that probably aren't worth a week of my time! And if I'm going to continue having somewhat of a social life I've got to be a little bit picky. Although saying that I can watch just about anything. 

Now I just gotta figure out what to watch.
Any Netflix recommendations?

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