when your feeling a bit down

When I find myself feeling crappy about something I often just take a moment to think, is it really that bad? If the answer is yes and I continue to scream into my pillow and feel an overwhelming desire to chuck my phone at the wall then that's okay. No really it is (although my mum may disagree) sometimes you have to be sad, no explanation needed, you gotta wallow, cry, sulk, swear and hang your head down like you just wanna block everyone out. I've done it far too many times, I should know. Far too many people tell you to just 'pick yourself up, get over shit, be happy and move on' but life's not that simple, we all know that. Sometimes nothing can make you smile because your sad or hurt and your in a bad place, we all go to those places at some point. You feel trapped and lonely and it's horrible, horrible that no one else can feel even an ounce of your pain. But things will get better because one thing I've learnt is that they always, always do. 

If however I can let out a large sigh, get myself out of bed (even if it is just for a coffee in my ever so precious starbucks mug) and maybe even resemble just half a human then perhaps it's not actually that bad. It's the little smile that appears on my face when I see a funny picture, a dancing polar bear or a stupid meme that reminds me that I have it in me to be happy it's just up to me to search a little deeper sometimes. Allowing yourself to enjoy a moment as much as you possibly can is so much more empowering than just being sad.

Sassy polarbear

The little things.
  • Let's start simple, a Starbucks Caramel Coffee Frappuccino will never go a miss. Cream and caramel sauce if you don't mind. I am a Starbucks enthusiast btw, my phone cover is Starbucks for Christs sake. 
  • taking time out, the bathroom seems to be the one place in the house which is actually quiet and there's a lock on the door. That thing called privacy, I finally understand it. And all those lush bath bombs you've been saving for a special occasion, well this is a special occasion. 
  • this may seem weird but its so rare for my room to actually be tidy that when it is I just feel like I've accomplished the impossible.
  • A heart to heart with whoever is willing to listen haha! Whoever bears the brunt of this one, well I applaud you and I love you.
  • Having a chat with yourself, I don't mean a full on out loud convo, things haven't got quite that bad yet. I just mean take some time to think things through in your head, maybe you over thought something so much you've made it out to be 10x worse, I am always doing this and having a little word with myself usually leaves me feeling in control again.
  • Treat yourself, those new topshop shoes I got yesterday, totally shouldn't have done that, but I did and you know what, idgaf.
  • Finding a happy distraction, this blog is my happy distraction as is reading other peoples blogs. Blogs allow you to get to know a person and their inner thoughts and feelings, it truly fascinates me how diverse everyone is yet how alike we all are at the same time. 
  • Find something to look forward to. Something as simple as a cup of tea (Yorkshire does the trick) or something as grand as a girls holiday (Ibiza here I come baby!) 
  • I'm not someone who can cry easily, I could be heartbroken yet still find it impossible to shed a tear, know that it's okay to not be an emotional mess all the time, it doesn't mean you don't feel, it just means you can't always express these emotions. I find physically writing down my feelings really helps bring on the water works and I do love a good cry. 
  • Knowing that you are fab, you are amazing, you deserve amazing and nothing less, crappy situations don't stay crappy forever! Here's one of my absolute favorite quotes that I have to share with you! 

Chances are your not the only one having a bad day, Just remember Daniel Powter had such a bad day he had to write a song about it. 

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