ultrabland (my HG cleanser)

So the name kinda sounds like the tag line for my life.

I'm not gonna lie, if I could get away with halfheartedly scrubbing my face clean every night using a baby wipe and nothing more then I totally would, preferably from the comfort of my bed. I am basically Caroline Hirons worst nightmare.

My skin is just something else, I get spots. They start to go and then, Ohh look two days later I have more bloody spots, everywhere. I have scars, everywhere. Obviously because of the stupid spots. Its all very relentless.

I'm not a review kinda person cause what works for me may not always work for you and vice versa, this is just something that has worked for me. Its the only thing I use on my face, no moisturiser, no toner, no exfoliators, no masks, nothing else. That`s not to say I don't own tonnes of products, I spend a LOT on skincare cause I'm still relentlessly searching for the key to flawless, dewy heaven. Unfortunately though my skin just isn't remotely bothered by the fact I could have spent £22 on an organic face oil. Ungrateful organ.
Since just stripping right back things seems to have all cleared up on their own, I still have spots (obvs) but far fewer and they don't look like raging red bumps that are about to explode anymore. Always a good thing.

The cleanser itself is basically a waxy kinda thick oil that you massage onto your skin, you've gotta rinse with a warm flannel afterwards though or your left with a very odd waxy face, yankie eat your heart out. It melts away makeup and all the other crap that somehow ends up on your face after a long day, and leaves my also very dry skin feeling quite soft and nourished for a change, no moisturiser needed.

In all seriousness though if you are at your wits end then this product is just a little suggestion for you. For around £10 it may just be worth giving it a go.
Fingers crossed ey.

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