friends with an ex (really bad idea)

We see each other out and about, I avoid, he stares, I stare, It gets
awkward. The whole situation is just awkward.
Nothing a jäger bomb won't sort out he said, Ha! Then please give me several.

So I totally wasn't waiting for him to come grovelling back to me or anything, cause that's what the internet told me was gonna happen. Well the internet lied didn't it. 
Number one rule, do NOT under any circumstances try to console yourself by Googling after a breakup, it will feed you lies, give you hope and tell you he probably never even cared about you. 
Not helpful internet. 

Breaking up is crappy, it's what to do afterwards that's the tricky part. You kinda want them in your life but then you know that's also a terrible, completely inconvenient, unrealistic and quite frankly just absurd idea. You broke up for a reason as everyone keeps on so helpfully reminding you, you know you need to let it go, give each other space and allow things to settle before you can get clarity. Of course people will have opinions, sod's law that they will all be different. What you choose to listen to is up to you. Everyone's situation is different , you've only got to look through the yahoo answers relationship page to realise that, and believe me I have. There isn't a single yahoo answer, relationship guru, woman's mag or blog post (ahem) that can tell you what to do. It's up to you. 

Personally if my ex texts me I wanna throw my phone out the nearest window, if he doesn't text me I wanna throw my phone out the nearest window. I've learnt two things from this, number one being I should really get my phone insured and number two being that I'm clearly not over this whole 'he doesn't wanna be with me' thing. So what do I go and do? I say "yeah sure lets be friends, won't that be nice". Well more fool me. 

Problems en-counted when trying to be friends with an Ex.
  1. You know you shouldn't but you cant help but want them to message you, ring you, snapchat you or even just like your Insta pic for Christs sake. Anything will do. Even if you don't want them back every girl wants to be missed.
  2. You cant help but wonder if one day they'll want you back in their life as more than a friend. Mixed signals are now a thing. 
  3. Your kinda waiting for them to find a hot new girlfriend and you know your gonna be one of the first to hear the good news, now`s probably the time to practice your poker face. 
  4. They will mess with your emotions and try to worm their way back in just as your feeling emotionally stable again and have started moving on. This is so true its scary.
  5. You will probably both cross that friends barrier because lets face it, its hard not to. I'm thinking drink will be involved, somehow it always is.
I'm honestly questioning my sanity right now, on what planet did I ever think it would be a good idea to remain friends with an ex. Problem is we broke up already, I can't now dump him as a friend, is that even a thing? I don't know. It could be but it's quite dramatic.

Its time to get sassy and empowered.
Step away from the Ex girls. It`ll save a world of pain.

Have you guys ever managed to stay friend's with an Ex? I would seriously love to know. 

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  1. I'm friends with a few of my exes but I think that's because we were friends beforehand too!

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