The Versatile Bloggers Award

Firstly thank you to Sophie for the nomination.
I love posts like this as I feel it really brings newish bloggers together.

Heres how it works.
Write 7 facts about yourself and Nominate 15 fellow bloggers. Simples.

7 facts about me.
1) My dog Alfie is a Jack Russel and Cairn Terrier cross and I absolutely adore him.
2) I'm currently learning to drive, I've had 4 lessons and I'm loving it. So far!
3) I am from Essex and no we don't all look like we should be on Towie. Love that show though.
4) I work as a Front of House assistant at my local theater.
5) I hope one day to work in Marketing
6) I am obsessed with Home and Away and Neighbours. I just love all things Australia tbh.
7) I currently have a huge girl crush on Blair Waldorf. Cant I just be her? Pleaseeee.

I feel like the most un-exciting person haha,
I`ll try and work on that.

And in true Ant and Dec style, My nominations are...

- Beth
- Megan 
- Maddison
- Victoria 
- Beth
- Sophie 
- Sarah
- Zoe
- Beth

I only chose 10 because I struggled to find people who hadn't already done this so sorry about that. The actual amount of nominations you are supposed to make is 15.
Link me your posts if you do write them!


  1. Thanks for the nomination :) I LOVE Blair Waldorf too!

    1. Aww no problem, Glad its not just me that's a bit obsessed Haha

  2. I have a massive girl crush on Blair as well, she is queen

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