5 student friendly lunches

So Burger King have started delivering, not helpful Burger king.
As much as I`d love to binge on Chicken Royales all week I am restraining myself. Although prior to writing this I have just eaten 5 chocolate digestives so ya know. 
(just blame the hormones)

After turning to Google for inspiration on what to eat for lunch I literally got pages and pages of tofu salad and warm chicken katsu curry recipes, yum but whatever happened to a student budget and the cooking skills of a novice. I want something that'll take me no more than about 20 minutes to make and wont cost a bomb. Precious Netflix time cannot be wasted.

So instead I came up with some rather un-original ideas of my own.

Baked Sweet potato 
A healthier version of your standard jacket potato, basically. Plus its bright orange so that instantly makes it more exciting, obvs. I whack mine in the microwave for about 5 minutes but if I'm willing to be a  bit more patient, highly unlikely, then I`ll pop it in the oven for half hour. Ideal topping, grated cheese that just melts in the middle and some tomato pesto smothered on the inside. I also put mine on a bed of spinach cause it looks kinda fancy.
Quinoa and Veg   
Quinoa is the easiest thing to cook, takes about 20 mins simmering in a saucepan with a little water and a lid on. I didn't even know what it was a few weeks ago but everyone and their mother is eating this super food bad boy plus it tears me away from carbs. Once cooked it sort of fluffs up a bit, at this point I add in tonnes of veg. Literally anything I can find in the bottom of the fridge. I buy the frozen mixed veg microwavable bags, not quite as fancy as the fresh stuff but no chopping required means more time watching gossip girl. #Winning.

A Beef and Vegetable Stew 
One of my home comforts, there's something so good about chucking everything into a pot and just letting it do its thing. Also this is an absolute babe if your not feeling too good, I currently have a sore throat (whyyyyyy) and this is just a must for today's lunch. Obviously this is a tad more complex to make but really it just consists of beef stock, potatoes and all the veg you fancy. 

Avocado and scrambled egg on toast 
Well what a surprise, I eat this too.  Along with every other person on the internet. 
More of a breakfast but what the heck. My dad taught me how to make scrambled egg, apparently its all in the stiring. To make mine I crack two eggs into a measuring jug and add a few glugs of milk, that's not a recognised measuring unit but its just what I do. Give it a whisk with a fork then add to a saucepan with some butter on a low heat. I just stand and gently stir for about 5 minutes then its all done.
Tuna and Avocado salad
Is it just me or does this just look ridiculously healthy.
The only effort required here is mixing some tuna with mayo, some prawns with a Marie rose sauce then scooping out an avocado, kinda looks like I attacked mine with a fork. Not as indulgent as the others but I am a bit of a salad freak at heart so this picture is actually making me drool.


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