25 happy things

1) Having an old school games marathon. Trap a Sim in a swimming pool, take away the ladder then cry afterwards and feel terrible when the grim reaper takes them away and the kids are crying. So much FUN.

2) Nailing the eyeliner flick, may have taken 15 minutes and shit loads of cotton buds to get the end result but that's beside the point.

3) Scrolling through old Memes on your camera roll and realising you have the humor of a 6 year old boy.

4) Tea in your favorite mug, and bourbons, ALL the bourbons.

5) Eating takeaway leftovers for breakfast, naan bread and cold korma. Dont mind if I do.

6) Those mid morning coffee dates with a friend. The whole of Strabucks now knows about the time your best mates ex accidentally sent her a nude on snapchat, she never could whisper.

7) Devouring a roast dinner made by mum, home comfort at it's best. Yorkshire pud`s drowned in gravy, cauliflower cheesy gooey goodness, Ohhhh YES.

8) Buying Foamburst shower gel and being totally ecstatically excited to take a shower because its just so foamy.

9) Being woken by the sun rather than grey skies and drizzly rain, also not slamming the snooze button and face planting the pillow. 

10) Finishing a book. How very satisfying.

11) checking your bank balance and realising you have more than you think. That Boots spree, completely in order and totally justified.
Or just avoid atm's and deny everything.

12) Rocking a no makeup day, terrifying yet liberating. Even if you only get as far as taking the rubbish out, still counts.

13)  Nick Grimshaw on't Radio. I want him to be my best friend. Like really badly. 

14) Them 1am phone calls with your best friend, talking about politics one minute then laughing hysterically the next. You know the ones.  

15) Fresh pretty flowers, like spring in a vase minus the bees and wasps. Who needs guys to buy us flowers, go to Sainsburys and get them yourself, you'll look domesticated. 

16) 100% phone battery, okay so it might only last for like 1 minute (sort your shit Apple) but still feels good right

17) A huge bowl of Pasta with a massive heap of melted grated cheese. All the carbs. 

18) Netflix, Duvet, Slippers, Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and those cute little marshmallow squares (cause you actually remembered to buy them for once)  

19) Lying in a room that is lit only by scented candles and fairy lights.Very Zen.

20) Scrolling through Asos knowing that its completely okay to buy something cause Free delivery

21) Realising you have just enough money on your Oyster card to get the bus without being given a warning ticket.

22) Scented hand wash, okay so now my hands smell of Cola bottles.

23) Having just enough change for the car park, the shopping trolley and a morning coffee.
60p card transaction fee, HA not today.

24) Having hot towels fresh from the wash ready to greet your cold shivering body after stepping out the shower cause you forgot to turn the heating on, again.

25) Managing to grab the last seat on the underground in rush hour. Even if it is wedged between a large sweaty bloke and a woman in an oversized floppy hat.

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