25 annoying little things

I would consider myself quite a chilled out person but I have to say this was by far the quickest post I've ever written. You know them annoying little things that just bug you probably far more than they should.
Heres mine.

1) When you run for a bus and your bag is either swinging off your shoulder as you clutch to it for dear life or it's swung round your wrist 50 times and cut off all circulation.

2) People eating crisps in public. The crunch, the rustling, I just cannot deal.

3) Having to pay to pee at a London train station. No words.

4) Knowing your scolding hot latte is going to be way too hot to drink but doing it anyway and ending up with a singed tongue so you can't actually taste the rest. Good one.

5) Being the last on the bus even though you were first at the stop.

6) Being made to feel like a criminal as you leave the supermarket. Can someone please tell the security guard I have not stolen anything. I am a good person!

7) Getting on a carriage with a whinging child and realising you've left your earphones at home.

8) Dealing with anything less than 20% phone charge. It's flashing at me, now I'm stressed.

9) Reading 10 pages of your book before realising you wasn't actually concentrating and you've literally no idea what you just read.

10) When the little elastic hairband that's holding together your fishtail plait masterpiece snaps and you don't have a replacement. Why did I bother.

11) In the midst of being a hormonal mess you realise there's no chocolate in the house. Zilch.

12) Getting to Greggs a little too late and seeing someone else took the last chocolate sprinkled doughnut. How very dare you!

13) Forgetting your password to something and  having to go through what seems like hell and back just to set a new one. My memorable word? Um I did this 3 years ago. I don't remember.

14) When you press shuffle and yet you get like 3 songs in a row all by the same person.

15) Finding your perfect spot at a concert and having the tallest human known to man come and stand directly in front of you at the last second.

16) Never knowing what happens to all those hair clips, used once, gone forever. Where do they go?

17) Mid season breaks. Just why?

18) Rain. Puddles, Umbrellas, Frizzy lioness inspired hair. Raindrops on glasses.
Just rain.

19) Walking past the police and automatically looking as guilty as hell. I swear I haven't actually done anything.

20) Reaching the end of a tube and having to squeeze for dear life just to get the teeniest bit. I'm thinking toothpaste. Shampoo. Mayonnaise. You name it.

21) Not being able to find even one pair of decent hole-less tights. Seriously, not even one?

22) Competition ads, No, I don't believe I can win £20,000 in cash and a Convertible.
Nor do I want to try.

23) Leaving your phone on silent and accidentally missing 5 calls, 2 texts and One voice mail.
My bad. I wanted to be quiet, not unreachable.

24) Them people who will not move up a seat on the bus. Am I supposed to just climb over you. Cause I will.

25) Bank statements. But I don't want to know. Honestly its better that way! 

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  1. Hi lovely, just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! X