The Asos Outlet Wishlist

Ohh the much treasured Asos sale section (outlet to be precise).
Its like the Topshop sale rail but without the bitchiness, the struggle and the death stares. Instead you can just glare through the screen and take deep breaths for 10 seconds as it tells you someone took the last one. I have done this on many an occasion.

The outlet is actually the only place I go when on the Asos site, unlike most sale sections its not full of crap that no one wants, its actually full of the most beautiful pieces. Pretty much all of my birthday dresses and night out outfits come from me searching the hundreds of pages of discounted pieces, so affordable and so much goodness to choose from.

Seeing as I had a day off and pay day is fast approaching I thought Id spend my morning filling my virtual basket with all things beautiful.
So productive.
Its a bit all over the place this wish list. I want to indulge in the upcoming summer months with the beautiful maxi shirt dress and floral head scarf (did I mention I love Blair Waldorf) but I also cant help but hold on to winter, my most adored season, hence the grey zip coat. One thing I do know is I must get my hands on that watch asap. Rose gold and Black. Yes Please.

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