2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

I famously like pancakes.
Its the only recipe I know off by heart, One egg so my mum won't moan at me, 170ml of milk and 50g of flour. I got this down to a tee. It may not be the most complex of recipes but still its got me through many hormonal breakdowns so don't knock it.

However, clearly they are not the healthiest of snacks (yes I eat pancakes as a snack) don't judge.
So I recently discovered banana pancakes, apparently a much healthier version.

I'm not gonna lie and say they're hands down better than normal pancakes cause they're not. Nothing in this world is better than nutella drowned full fat stodgy pancakes. Obvs.
They are a nice alternative though and they don't make you feel like you've just eaten a small child, instead they leave you content. Oh and I'm not even a massive fan of bananas but honestly the taste is ever so slight so don't let that put you off.

What to need/do

-1 banana
Smash it, crush it, beat it, do what you want with it just make sure it's not lumpy

-2 eggs
Crack and whisk, simple stuff.

Literally combine the two and gently tip a small amount into a saucepan (with butter or some kind of oil, I suggest coconut) on low heat. They can burn quickly though so don't leave them unattended.

I cover mine in melted nutella because that's how I roll but I'm guessing the actual idea is to be healthy and eat them alongside a bowlful of fresh, expensive berries. That's not how I roll, and come on who actually enjoys that....

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