My Ultimate Spring/Summer Wish list

Wedges - Lipstick - Smock Dress - Sandals - Shorts - Trench - Off Shoulder Dress - Joggers - Denim Dress - Bag 

As I write this I am crying inside, I'd cry on the outside but I can't be bothered cause that would take up way too much energy. I'm internally crying because I've complied a collection of things I desperately want and yet currently all I'm spending money on is Driving lessons, car insurance and Theory tests. So boring yet apparently so necessary. With all this saving there's not really a hope in hells chance of me doing anything remotely exciting with my money over the next few weeks. Basically I'll be driving around in my adorable little fiesta, named Lala (obvs) but I'll be wearing last winters polo necks and skinny jeans. Could be worse I guess. Still I obviously couldn't help but look at what I would be buying if I had the spare cash. Silly me ey.

So I kinda had my eye on a pair of them super cool rounded sunnies that seem to be everywhere at the moment, Primark have them for £2. Tried them on. Looked like Willy Wonka so that's a massive no, I`ll be sticking to some simple cat eyed ones from Newlook. I always find their sunnies perfect for sensitive eyes, cheap yet effective if you spend pretty much the entire summer squinting like me.

I am quite determined to dress like a girl this summer, even if that means actually having to make the effort to shave my legs more than once a week. Eurgh. These gorgeous dresses are swaying me though, so dreamy. Nothing says summer like an off shoulder dress.
I've never been one for sandals really but I am loving these from Newlook they are only £18 and I'm thinking they would be perfect for the two festivals I have lined up for this year. Dont even get me started on the wedges, they are perfection. Only issue, I don't have a clue where or when I would wear them but I know that I need them in my life, asap.

Confession - I may or may not have already been to New Look to snap up those adorable strappy sandals.

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