Night out struggles your probably familiar with

Because we are all the same. Really we are. Unless you don't go out, in which case I applaud you and I will raise a glass to you. A glass of wine that is. Obvs.

- "I cant be bothered"

- Realising the 30 dresses you have in your wardrobe are not enough cause
"Eurghhhh I have nothing to wear!"

- Getting in the shower and despising the fact you actually have to shave. 

- Having to pretend to know what your doing when you do your make-up.
I've contoured so much my face now has angles.

- Regretting curling your hair half way through because "Owwwww my hand hurts"

- Being guilty of taking too many selfies, then regretting taking the selfies cause you look bloody awful in all of them. 

- Stupidly eating carbs an hour before leaving and looking like your with child.
Bodycon is now a terrible idea. 

- Not being able to find the only strapless bra you actually own or a thong cause it's really not okay to wear Elmo boxers on a night out. It's not okay.

- Realising no one has actually called for a taxi. 

-  Genuinely wanting to cry when you realise it's raining outside.
My hair! My face! Its M-E-L-T-I-N-G

- As if I have to pay to get drunk. I could be buying something good with this money, something worthwhile.

"What was that? 4 jaegers for a tenner did you say"

- "I wonder how many more times they'll play Single ladies until I actually have a boyfriend"

- That song will be played that the whole squad loves. Cue synchronized moves that quite literally clear the dance-floor.

- Spending at least 1/4 of your night in the toilets because one simply cannot just pee then leave.

- Being overwhelmed by your desire to eat full fat everything. It just wouldn't be the end of the night without some cheesy chips.

- Someone will probably fall over, and that's fine just as long as its not you.

- *Morning after*
 "Why did I bother?" 

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